Workout Videos

Lower body barre workout

This workout will challenge all of the muscles in your lower body in just 7 minutes! Feel free to decrease the range of motion as you move through your pregnancy and modify as needed. All exercises are safe for each trimester. As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness changes and modify as…

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Barre HIIT combo workout

This workout combines barre strength exercises focusing on muscular endurance, plus the calorie-torching benefits of cardio blasts. All of the cardio blasts have low-impact variations, and you can decrease your speed and range of motion as you move through the pregnancy. As your center of gravity shifts, feel free to use a countertop or a…

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Barre blast strength and cardio

This barre blast workout combines challenging strength moves with heart-pumping cardio intervals. Feel free to do the low-impact version of the cardio blasts, and slow down your speed and range of motion as needed. This workout is perfect for the first trimester, as it includes movements in the supine position. After 13 weeks, avoid exercises…

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