I’m writing to you with some exciting news today: the revamped post baby bod plan + the advanced versions are ready for pre-order! I’ve been working hard on these plans: testing, adjusting, and making sure they’re as effective, safe, and exciting as possible. They’re finally ready to go, and off to the designer this week! Click here to get the original…

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Kim: Overtrained?

At this moment i’m 11 ½ months postpartum. In the sleep department any new moms out there know where I am. I’ve experienced the sleepless nights but i’ve also felt the beauty of a full night’s sleep return, now making those middle of the night wake ups perhaps that much more brutal. I returned to…

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Summer Shape Up Week 2 Prenatal modifications

How is the shape up going? Even though my pregnant friends may not be working on new fitness goals, the key is to focus on consistency and moving in a way that makes you (and baby!) feel good. As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness or nutrition changes. Honor your body and…

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