Summer Shape Up Week 2 Prenatal modifications

How is the shape up going? Even though my pregnant friends may not be working on new fitness goals, the key is to focus on consistency and moving in a way that makes you (and baby!) feel good.

As always, check with a doctor before making any fitness or nutrition changes. Honor your body and modify as needed.

Here are some ideas for modifying the week 2 workouts:

Workout #2:

Overhead press: totally fine, but do not go heavy on the weight. Also, overhead movements can put downward pressure on the pelvic floor, so if you’re later in your pregnancy, you can do regular shoulder raises or upright rows instead. Make sure to breathe the entire time.

Lunge to squat: modify as needed. Make sure to keep your chest lifted the whole time, and may need a wider stance to make room for the baby. Don’t worry if you need to stand to switch from lunge to squat. Go slowly with control

Single leg squat: do walking lunges instead

Stability ball pikes:

1st trimester: should be fine as long as it feels good

2nd trimester: modified plank (20 seconds)

3rd trimester: spinal balance, alternating sides 10 times

V lifts: do donkey kicks on each side instead. 10 each side

Plank with shoulder taps:

Either modify your plank (knees on the ground) or hands against a wall. Watch your belly for “coning.” If you see that it’s making a cone shape during any exercises, switch to something else. Another option is cat cow.

Hip raise: keep both feet on the floor. If it’s too uncomfortable for you to get on the floor, do standing hip extensions instead, holding onto a wall for balance and stability if needed.

HIIT: steady state cardio instead

HIIT and steady: do hills and steady instead. Focus on a moderate speed and add incline for the first half. Take the incline down and cruise for the second half of the workout.

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