Thinking out loud

weird postpartum changes

Can we just talk about this for a second? And I’m not talking about the ones you would expect postpartum, like wearing maternity leggings for a while (you need to!), milk coming in, sleep deprivation, and having to wear a pad the size of a small car. I’m thinking of the ones I was NOT…

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Kim: my pelvic floor experience, 6 months in

Once I had my baby girl, I naively believed my struggle with pregnancy-related exercise issues was over. Sure, I knew there was a period of postpartum healing, but I had faced the challenges of getting pregnant, I had survived the hideous sciatica and not being able to run once I hit 6 months, and (best…

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The Tupler technique

Weekly physical therapy sessions since P’s birth have been a serious blessing. It started off because of my mild prolapse symptoms -which ended up being attributed to my healing from an incomplete repair, which I’ll be having surgery to remedy- but I’ve continued the physical therapy for a variety of situations following the birth. To…

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