Nutrition and Recipes

Kim: Your 3 everyday supplements

I like supplements. I think of them as a sort of insurance plan, and like that in under 1 minute I know I am covering my bases with the vitamins, minerals, etc. that will help me reach that goal of feeling my best. There are so many supplements that you can take on a daily…

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Kim: 17 healthy toasts that fuel your mama bod

  Have you jumped on the toast train? With a baby by your side you should. It’s the perfect one-handed meal that make breakfast a step above shoving food in your mouth out of the cereal box, but is nearly just as easy. When you have just 5 more minutes consider making one of these.…

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Kim: 5 Key Nutrients For Postpartum Mamas

There’s a special role for all nutrients in the body. And most often, you can ensure you’re giving your body what it needs by eating a diet rich in a variety of whole foods as well as take a multivitamin. That said, there are some nutrients that we mamas need to be just a bit…

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