Kim: 5 Key Nutrients For Postpartum Mamas


There’s a special role for all nutrients in the body. And most often, you can ensure you’re giving your body what it needs by eating a diet rich in a variety of whole foods as well as take a multivitamin. That said, there are some nutrients that we mamas need to be just a bit more aware of.


Works in synergy with calcium for proper muscle function. Magnesium is responsible for relaxing the muscle and body during times of stress

  • Because of its role is in relaxing the body, magnesium helps prevent and alleviate constipation, headaches, cramps, and more.
  • Can help with hormone balance, PMS, fatigue and anxiety
  • Foods rich in magnesium include dark chocolate!, spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, kefir.
  • Try a nightly supplement like “Calm” from Natural Vitality (my favorite)



A key nutrient for women and especially if you’re breastfeeding. There are 2 types of iron, heme (animal) and non-heme (vegetarian). If you’re vegetarian or vegan you likely need to supplement with more as absorption is not absorbed as efficiently as iron coming from animals.

  • Primary role to deliver oxygen throughout your body. Without proper levels you’ll be left feeling tired, depleted and may feel light headed
  • Lean animal protein, clams, leafy greens, bell pepper, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Pair your plants with vitamin C rich foods for better absorption!


Vitamin D

Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium. Most people could use a boost of vitamin D and calcium is arguably one of the most important nutrients for women.  

  • Needed to help prevent bone softening (osteomalacia) and for other important body functions. Shown to help lower risk of disease
  • Foods rich in D include egg yolk, canned tuna & sardines, and fortified foods such as cereals and dairy
  • Recommended to add a daily supplement, such as Cod Liver Oil, which will give you both Vitamin D and Omega 3


Vitamin E

If you’re following a diet too low in fat you may be missing out on enough of this key nutrient.

  • Boosts immunity thanks to being high in antioxidants, protects against heart disease, reduces cholesterol.
  • Found naturally in fat-rich plants including nuts, seeds, oils and avocado.



Calcium is critical for muscle contraction as well as building, strengthening and repairing bone.

  • Is lost through sweat and muscle contractions, making it even more essential for active individuals.
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS
  • Nutrients work together – pair with vitamin D and magnesium to maximize absorption.(If you purchase a supplement make sure to purchase a combination, such as calcium/magnesium/zinc versus calcium alone)
  • Eat more: dairy, leafy greens



Potassium is essential if you’re exercising. It aids in muscle contraction and when we sweat it regulates fluid balance.

  • Include fruits & vegetables with every meal
  • Top foods beyond the banana – white beans, dark leafy greens, potato, squash & yogurt

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