Kim: 17 healthy toasts that fuel your mama bod


healthy toast ideas

Have you jumped on the toast train? With a baby by your side you should. It’s the perfect one-handed meal that make breakfast a step above shoving food in your mouth out of the cereal box, but is nearly just as easy. When you have just 5 more minutes consider making one of these.

Bonus, they work just as well for a quick and easy lunch or post workout meal.



  1. Organic greek yogurt
  2. Organic greek yogurt + sliced berries or peach
  3. Drizzled honey + ghee + sliced green apple
  4. Goat cheese + jam
  5. Goat cheese + melon
  6. Ricotta + strawberries + balsamic drizzle
  7. Almond butter + banana + chia seed + honey
  8. Peanut butter + raisins
  9. Almond butter + peach + coconut flakes + hemp seed



  1. Mashed avocado + salt. If you want to get fancy add hemp seeds and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon.
  2. Avocado + edamame
  3. Avocado + salsa
  4. Hummus + sliced tomato
  5. Cream Cheese + sliced hard boiled egg
  6. Cream Cheese + smoked salmon
  7. Cream cheese + sliced tomato + red onion
  8. Melted cheddar + egg


Of course if you had even 2 more minutes you could get fancy and add capers and red onion to your smoked salmon toast or a poached egg to your avocado and salsa combo, but let’s not get greedy here. 😉

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