Workout Videos

Barre strength workout

This workout is pure barre strength, and focuses on muscular endurance as it’s very high rep with low weights. All you need is a pair of 2,3, or 4-lb dumbbells. Don’t be afraid to switch or ditch your weights as you move through the exercises. All exercises are safe for all stages of pregnancy, pending…

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Lower body barre and cardio blast

This workout combines challenging barre strength work with cardio blasts to elevate the heart rate and burn serious calories. As you progress throughout the pregnancy, decrease your range of motion, and also decrease the speed of the cardio blasts. Always follow the low-impact options if that works better for you. As always, check with a…

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Barre Booty Workout

This workout is an excellent glute and lower body challenge, with bonus core work. I would recommend this workout as part of your first trimester, as it’s low impact and still includes some supine work. After your first trimester, ACOG recommends skipping exercises on your back. As always, check with a doctor before making any…

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