Pregnancy-friendly lower body workout

Keeping a strong lower body is so important for pregnancy. Not only does it help to support the change of balance and extra stress from carrying the baby, but it can also help during labor. Squatting is one of the most effective positions for birth (as gravity works with  you, instead of against you) so…

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can you work out on your back during pregnancy?

Before I get into this post, I want to give a friendly reminder to listen to your doctors and midwives, and also listen to your body. Each pregnancy and experience is so different, which makes it important to verify recommendations with your medical professions.    When I was pregnant with Liv, I freaked out every…

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When to start core training after childbirth

This is a tricky topic because it depends on quite a few factors: how strong your core was when you gave birth your degree of abdominal separation whether you had a vaginal birth or C-section how you’re feeling and most importantly: what your doctor or midwife says. I give quite a few guidelines in the…

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