Diastasis Recti Workout

One of the questions I most commonly receive on this site is what to do if you have diastasis recti. What exercises can you do, and how can you put them into a safe diastasis recti workout? What should you avoid? How can you prevent this condition from worsening? While I’ve done quite a bit of research…

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Summer Shape Up Week 3 Prenatal modifications

We’re working into Week 3 of the Summer Shape Up on the blog this week! Want to follow along, but not sure how to modify with your baby bump? I’ve got your back. 🙂 Just make sure to talk with your doctor or midwife before making any fitness or nutrition changes. All of the Summer…

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Summer Shape Up Week 1 Prenatal modifications

Are you doing the Summer Shape Up this year? While I was pregnant, I joked that I was working on my reverse six pack. While you may not be going after new fitness goals right now, just focus on keeping active and healthy, it’s still a great time to emphasize strength training and cardio, as…

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