Summer Shape Up Week 1 Prenatal modifications

Are you doing the Summer Shape Up this year?

While I was pregnant, I joked that I was working on my reverse six pack. While you may not be going after new fitness goals right now, just focus on keeping active and healthy, it’s still a great time to emphasize strength training and cardio, as long as it feels good for you.

As always, check with your doctor or midwife to verify the safety of your personal workout program. They know what’s best for your unique situation, and you know your body best. Always modify or change things up so that it feels good and is safe for you and baby!

Some of my fit mama friends let me know they’d be doing the Shape Up this year, so I wanted to share a couple of modifications for the Strength and Tabata workout for Week 1. 

All of the strength exercises are generally safe for pregnancy. If your belly is really poppin’, you may want to skip the front kick on the reverse lunge, and also hold onto a wall for balance. Only go down as far as you feel safe for both the squats and lunges. (Squats may need a wider stance to make room for the baby.)

For the Tabata rounds, complete 4 minutes of walking or easy to moderate cardio instead.




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