Notes From the Mouth of a Postpartum Mama Dietitian

There’s a lot going on in that mama body of your’s postpartum and I’m willing to bet that your mind, like mine, was (and still is) going in a million different directions. Obviously, your first priority is that sweet little babe. You provided a healthy, nourishing home inside your body for that baby for 9 months and now your priority is to keep that babe growing and thriving on the outside.

So, with all that energy (and sleep deprivation), finding and giving time to yourself seems like a near impossible task, and probably not a priority most of the time.

As a mom of a babe under 1-years old, I’m with you. I’ve felt all the feels. But, I’ve also realized that even 30 – 60 minutes of “me” time each day makes me a better, stronger, healthier mama. In the first few weeks, that me time was taking a bath, reading or even taking a nap. But as my babe gets older, that time is more often being spent in the gym or on the road. I’m a runner and running, or any type of fitness for that matter, has made me feel like I’m getting back to my “old” self. And I truly believe that feeling is so important.

Exercise, as you may know and hopefully have felt, releases endorphins. This feel-good hormone is powerful. It will not only leave you feeling recharged (even on 3 hours of sleep), but research shows it also helps fight off postpartum depression. Beyond that, exercise will help you move past the negative thoughts that often creep into our mama brains around our postpartum body. Engaging in regular exercise, like the PBB program Gina created, is a perfect way to help restore and rebuild that lost muscle, help tone your tummy and boost your overall metabolism, further facilitating loss of that baby weight. Layer in clean eating and the combination of all of these things that will help bring you back into a more fit and healthy place.

I’m so excited to be your go-to nutrition resource on this site and I’m here cheering you on while you embark on this journey as I travel my own.

Let us know what you’re hoping to learn and the support you need nutritionally. If you’re interested, you can follow me on my own journey as I chronicle it on my social media feed and through Women’s Running Magazine.






Returning to running after a long 2 years of trying to get pregnant and then postpartum, Kim (@foodierunnergrl) is on a mission to help educate and empower mama’s to get back their pre-babe nutrition and fitness goals, all while keeping things raw and realistic. Writing from personal experience and professional expertise, she’s on a mission to share her post-baby journey through marathon training, healthy eating, breastfeeding and more with all the other mama’s out there. Follow her current training journey online at Womens Running Magazine.

Kim is National Educator for Vega and a Registered Dietitian, specializing in sports nutrition and lifestyle optimization. Work with her at or  find daily support through social @foodierunnergrl

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