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Kim: Overtrained?

At this moment i’m 11 ½ months postpartum. In the sleep department any new moms out there know where I am. I’ve experienced the sleepless nights but i’ve also felt the beauty of a full night’s sleep return, now making those middle of the night wake ups perhaps that much more brutal. I returned to…

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Orangetheory pregnancy modifications

As we all know, Orangetheory is one of my very favorite group fitness classes under the sun. I started taking classes two years ago and took them until the second trimester of my second pregnancy. I was advised to ditch impact workouts because of a placenta issue. (Thankfully it resolved itself.) Before I had to…

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Diastasis Recti Workout

One of the questions I most commonly receive on this site is what to do if you have diastasis recti. What exercises can you do, and how can you put them into a safe diastasis recti workout? What should you avoid? How can you prevent this condition from worsening? While I’ve done quite a bit of research…

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