Kim: Postpartum Clean Eats – Best Foods to Support You Reaching Your Best Self


Thanks to cumulative fatigue, combined with the stress and anxiety that comes along with caring for a baby, it can be SO tempting to reach for lots of junky foods – they are quick, easy and so, so tasty, plus they usually release hormones in our brain that make us feel oh. so. good — in the moment that is.

But a diet that starts accumulating refined flours and sugars (that initially leaves us feeling good) will quickly leave us feeling dazed, even more tired, and suffering from that dreadful bloat.

What’s on your plate not only affects how you physically feel it also plays a BIG role in your energy. And as a new mama you know you have zero energy to spare. To maintain a steady energy state (and tp avoid binge eating gummy candy and chips) spread your calories throughout the day by eating small meals made up of real foods. Try to combine healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein at meals for more lasting energy.

Set yourself up for success with the PBB plan by eating more of the following foods:

  1. Vegetables
    1. Prep salad bases (leafy greens / chopped raw veg) that you can top with protein
    2. Roast a large pan of root vegetables to reheat for the week (squash, beet, carrot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sweet potato)
    3. Try to include vegetables at every meal. Portions are limitless, start munching!
  2. Fruits
    1. Perfect for snacking (try simple apple w PB)
    2. Top on yogurt, chia pudding or oatmeal bowls
    3. Keep berries and banana in the freezer for quick smoothies
  3. Lean Protein
    1. Wild caught Fish
    2. Organic skinless chicken or turkey
    3. Organic pork or lean beef
    4. Soy such as tofu, tempeh
    5. Organic eggs
    6. Beans and legumes
  4. Yogurt of Kefir
    1. Choose plain or flavor with less than 10g sugar
    2. Lowfat
    3. Organic if possible
  5. Whole Grains
    1. Batch cook and pre-portion for the week
    2. Quinoa (high in protein)
    3. Farro
    4. Popcorn
  6. Healthy Fats
    1. Avocado
    2. Coconut and olive oils
    3. Raw nuts
    4. Nut butter


10 Snack / Meal Ideas from the above food list (the options are endless!)

  1. ½ cup soaked oats in ½ cup yogurt topped with berries
  2. Salad with lean protein + ½ avocado
  3. Snack plate: sliced cucumber, sliced green pepper, 2 Tbs hummus, 1 hardboiled egg, chopped melon
  4. Cup of yogurt with sliced banana + nut butter
  5. Simple smoothie = ½ cup berries, ½ banana, 1 cup almond milk, 2 handfuls spinach, 1 scoop protein powder or 1 Tbs nut butter, ice.
  6. Pre-portioned raw nut & dried fruit mix (find at Trader Joes!)
  7. Quinoa salad
  8. Batch cook oatmeal, chia pudding, bliss balls
  9. ½ avocado mashed on whole grain high fiber bread
  10. Bowl: ½ cup grain, ½ avocado, ½ cup beans or legumes (such as black or chickpea, lentil), unlimited leafy greens raw or steamed, unlimited roasted root vegetables.

You’re not always going to be able to or want to pass on the cookies or the refined foods but you can set yourself up for success by stocking your pantry and refrigerator with all the good stuff. But, do be realistic. Be good to yourself and kind to your body. Don’t stress over every bite of food you reach for and know that it’s OK (and good for you mentally) to get some greasy takeout with the husband every now and again and relax with a glass of wine while babe is sleeping. If you crave a sweet treat, try reaching for a small square of dark chocolate to satisfy.

And if you take away just one thing from the above it’s this: when in doubt – Eat Real Food

Learn more here about the key nutrients for mama’s associated with the above foods.

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